Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 13 Solutions – Running through the Rain

Here we have presented you with the complete solution of Bihar Board class 7 English chapter 13. This free guide will help you with the question answer of chapter 13 – “Running through the Rain”.

This delightful chapter invites students to experience the simple pleasures of running through the rain, as vividly captured in the story “Running through the Rain.” Through the eyes of the protagonist, John Lea, readers will embark on a refreshing journey that celebrates the joy of embracing nature’s elements.

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 13

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 13 Solutions

Chapter13. Running through the Rain
AuthorJohn Lea
BoardBihar Board

A. Warmer

Q1. Which season do you like most ? Why do you like it?

Ans. I like the rainy season most. I like to see rain falling from the sky and to see rainbow in this season.

Q2. How do you feel when it rains ?

Ans. I feel very happy when it rains from the sky.

B. Let’s Comprehend

B. 1. Think and Tell

Q1. What is the poet fond of ?

Ans. The poet is fond of the sunshine and also of rain.

Q2. What is delightful for the poet ?

Ans. Running through the rain is delightful for the poet.

Q3. Why doesn’t poet want to take shelter ?

Ans. The poet wants to be wet in the rain, so he doesn’t want to take shelter.

B. 2. 1. Write whether the following statements are True or False.

  1. The poet doesn’t like sunshine but he likes rain. – False
  2. He calls the month of April merry. – True
  3. The poet doesn’t enjoy the rainfall. – False
  4. Bright eyed blossoms are large in size. – False
  5. The poet succeeds in saving himself from being drenched. – False
  6. It was a heavy rain. – False
  7. The ground becomes scented because of rain. – False
  8. The poet found shelter everywhere to save himself from rain. – False
  9. He didn’t complain because he enjoyed running through the rain. – True

B. 2. 2. Answer the following questions very briefly.

Q1. Where does the rain fall ?

Ans. The rain falls over hill and plain.

Q2. Which line in the first stanza shows that the poet enjoys running through the rain ?

Ans. Isn’t it delight full, Running through the rain ?

Q3. What did the poet say to file bright little blossoms ?

Ans. Bright eyed.

Q4. Which words in tire last stanza show that the rain was not very heavy.

Ans. ‘Pitter patter, softly, Drips the drops around.

Q5. Apart from the rain what does the poet like ?

Ans. Sunshine.

B. 2. 3. Answer these questions in not more than 50 words

Q1. Why has the poet used the word ‘merry’ for the month of April in the poem? Does this month have any relevance in your state regarding rain ?

Ans. The poet has used the word ‘merry’ for the month of April because it marks the arrival of spring in England, signaling the end of winter and the beginning of pleasant weather. In our state, April is also a transitional month, and we may experience some pre-monsoon showers, making it a joyful time of the year.

Q2. Why does the poet regard escaping from rain as vain ?

Ans. The poet regards escaping from rain as vain or futile because he embraces the rain and enjoys getting drenched in its showers. He finds pleasure in the experience of being soaked in the raindrops and does not wish to avoid or escape from it.

Q3. In the rain the poet doesn’t get any shelter. Still he doesn’t complain. Why ?

Ans. The poet does not complain about not having shelter in the rain because he welcomes and cherishes the experience of being out in the open, immersed in the rain’s refreshing embrace. He finds joy and solace in the rain, and therefore, the lack of shelter does not bother him.

C. Word study

Q1. (rian, faring, delightfull, blosoms, sunbeem, laughingly, mery, eskape)


  1. rian = rain,
  2. mery = merry
  3. delightfull = delightful
  4. laughingly = laughingly
  5. sun beem = sun beam.
  6. faring = fairing
  7. plian = plain
  8. blosoms = blossoms
  9. eskape = escape

C. 2. Match the words under column ‘A’ with their meaning given under column’B’.


fond (of)affectionate, loving
passgo move
pitter-patterthe sound of light rain
shelterprotection, cover
plaineven ground

D. Grammar

Read the following lines carefully and concentrate on the use of auxiliary verb before a subject.
Some are fond of sunshine:

Well,so am I
In short answers and similar structures the words ’so’, ”
‘neither’, ‘nor1 etc. are followed by auxiliary verb + subject

More examples

My mother is hungry, so am I
He doesn’t like music, nor do I.
Her mother is beautiful, so is she.
He doesn’t come in time, neither do you.

Q1. Write responses to the given sentences as suggested above.

My father is very thin so am I
She doesn’t like cricket nor do I
He is very polite so am I
They are very rough should they be ?
My friend knows Urdu so do l.

E. Discussion/Composition

Q1. Discuss the following in groups or pairs.
Grow more trees, get more rain.
Trees are the source of rain.

Now write in about 100 words on the topics given above.

Ans. Trees play a crucial role in the water cycle, contributing to the formation of rain. Through the process of transpiration, trees release water vapor from their leaves into the atmosphere. This moisture rises and condenses, forming clouds. Additionally, trees release compounds that act as nuclei for water droplets to form around, aiding in cloud formation. The presence of trees also influences local weather patterns, creating a cooler microclimate that encourages condensation and precipitation. Furthermore, the extensive root systems of trees help retain moisture in the soil, preventing excessive evaporation. By preserving and planting more trees, we can support a healthy water cycle and ensure a consistent supply of rain for our ecosystems and communities. Protecting and nurturing our forests is essential for maintaining this vital source of life-sustaining rainfall.

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