Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 5 Solutions – I had a Dove

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In the poignant poem “I had a Dove,” the renowned poet John Keats invites readers to reflect on the delicate nature of freedom and the unintended consequences of well-intentioned actions. Through the metaphor of a caged dove, Keats weaves a tale that tugs at the heartstrings, exploring the deep sorrow that arises when an attempt to possess something beautiful ultimately leads to its demise.

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 5

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 5 Solutions

Chapter5. I had a Dove
AuthorJohn Kits
BoardBihar Board

A Warmer

Q1. Discuss the following questions in small groups before you read the lesson.
Have you seen a bird in a cage ? What does it do when it is in the cage ? Would you like it if you were told to stay always at home and never go out ?

Ans. Yes, I have seen birds confined in cages. It’s heartbreaking to witness their restlessness and futile attempts to escape their captivity. They often pace back and forth, flutter their wings incessantly, and display signs of distress. If I were forced to remain indoors indefinitely, without the freedom to venture outside, I would feel trapped and miserable. Just like birds, humans crave the liberty to explore, experience new environments, and satisfy their innate desire for freedom.

B. Let’s Comprehend.

B. 1. Think and Tell.

Answer these questions orally

Q1. How did the dove die ?

Ans. The dove died for grieving.

Q2. Why didn’t the bird live in the cage as happily as in the forest ?

Ans. The bird had been caged and lost its freedom.

Q3. How can you say that the poet cared for the bird ?

Ans. The poet often kissed it and gave white peas to eat. He loved and cared the bird much.

B. 2. Think and Write.

B. 2. 1. Write true or false in the space provided

  1. The dove was given green peas to eat. – False
  2. The dove lived in the forest tree. – True
  3. The dove was unhappy. – True

B. 2. 2. Tick (✓) the most appropriate answer to each of the following questions:-

Q1. Who had woven the thread in the poem ?

(a) a tailor
(b) a dove
(c) the person who had caged the bird.

Ans. (c) the person who had caged the bird.

Q2. The person who had caged the dove felt that the dove had no reason to grieve because :-

(a) the dove was being taken care of
(b) the dove was set free from her cage
(c) the dove liked to live in the cage

Ans. (a) the dove was being taken care of

B. 2. 3. Answer the following questions.

Q1. What happens to the dove in the poem ?

Ans. The dove die in the poem.

Q2. Pick out the line which shows that the poet took care of the dove.

Ans. I kissed you oft and gave you white peas.

Q3. Did the poet know the cause of the dove’s grieving ?

Ans. Yes, the poet knew the cause of the dove’s grieving. He knew that the bird lived happily in forest but it was sad in the cage.

Q4. The poet calls the dove with different names in the poem. One has been written for you. Can you iden-tify the other names ?


(a) sweet dove
(b) sweat little feet
(c) sweet bird
(d) pretty thing

C. Word Study

C. 1. Making new words.

C. 2. Rhyming words

The words ‘died’ and ‘tried’ rhyme with each other.

They are thus called rhyming words. Pick out other such pairs from the poem.


  • grieving – weaving.
  • feet – sweet.
  • died – tied.
  • Peas – trees

D. Grammar

D. 1. Adjectives

In this poem the poet has described the dove using the word ‘sweet’.

‘Sweet’ is called an adjective because it gives more in-formation about the noun’dove’, dove, sweet dove

Can you find how the following words have been described in the poem ?

  • trees – green trees
  • peas – white peas
  • feet – little feet
  • thread – silken thread.

Adjectives: green, white, little, silken.

Read this: There were tall trees and lovely flowers in the park.
‘Tali’ and ‘lovely’ are adjectives in the sentence given above.

Rewrite the following sentences by adding appropriate adjectives to the underlined noun. You can take help from the help box.

Q1. Grandma bought a shawl

Ans. Grandma bought a beautiful shawl.

Q2. The frog has a tongue.

Ans. The frog has a sticky tongue.

Q3. My mother bought a frock for me from a market.

Ans. My mother bought a long frock for me from a noisy market.

Q4. She threw a ball that broke the glass of the window.

Ans. She throw a green ball that broke the glass of the window.

Q5. The fairy had a wand.

Ans. The fairy had a magic wand.

Q6. The man was walking with his stick.

Ans. The man was walking with his old stick.

Q7. On the tree, there were two birds.

Ans. On the trees, there were two little birds.

F. Composition

Q1. After discussion, write a paragraph on the topic given above in not more than 100 words.

Ans. Animals have an innate right to live freely in their natural habitats, just as we humans cherish our freedom. Confining them to cages deprives them of this fundamental liberty and subjects them to unnecessary distress. Their happiness and well-being are intrinsically tied to their ability to roam freely, hunt for food, and engage in natural behaviors. By caging animals, we deprive them of their instinctive needs and impose an unnatural existence upon them. It is our moral obligation to respect their right to freedom and allow them to thrive in their natural environments.

G. Translation

Translate the first stanza of the poem into Hindi.

Q1. I had a dove, and the sweet dove died; And I have thought it died of grieving; O, what it could grieve for ? It’s feet were tied With a silken thread of my own hand’s weaving.

Ans. मेरे पास एक कबूतर था और वह प्यारा कबूतर मर गया और मैंने सोचा कि वह दुःख से मर गया; ओह, उसे दुःख किस बात का होगा? उसके पैर बंधे थे उन्हें मैंने ही अपने ही हाथों से रेशमी धागे से बुना था।

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