Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 3 Solutions – Aladdin found the Wonderful Lamp

Bihar Board class 7 English chapter 3 – “Aladdin found the Wonderful Lamp” solutions are available here. It is our free guide on chapter 3 of the English Radiance book for class 7.

The enchanting tale of “Aladdin found the Wonderful Lamp” transports readers into a world of magic and adventure from the folklore of Arabia. It chronicles the extraordinary journey of a poor young boy named Aladdin, whose chance encounter with a mysterious wizard sets in motion a series of remarkable events. Lured by promises of riches, Aladdin embarks on a daring quest deep underground, where he stumbles upon an ancient lamp possessing unimaginable powers.

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 3

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 3 Solutions

Chapter3. Aladdin found the Wonderful Lamp
BoardBihar Board

A. Warmer

Q1. Interact and then answer the following questions. Have you ever seen someone do magic ? What did he/she do ? Did you like it ?

Ans. Yes, I have witnessed a live magic show before, and it was truly captivating. The magician performed various illusions that left me in awe. One trick that stood out was when he made a person disappear from inside a closed box, only to reappear moments later from a different location. He also skillfully produced doves from an empty hat and turned a handkerchief into a bouquet of flowers right before our eyes. The combination of mystery, suspense, and showmanship made the experience thoroughly enjoyable. I loved how the magician kept us guessing and engaged throughout the performance.

B. Let’s Comprehend.

B. 1. Think and Tell.

Q1. What did Aladdin do all the day ?

Ans. All the day Alladdin played in the street with other boys.

Q2. Why was Aladdin happy ?

Ans. His uncle who was a wizard bought him beautiful clothes. This made him happy.

Q3. When did the genie appear ?

Ans. Fearing the dark, Aladdin rubbed both his hands. The genie appeared then only.

B. 2. Think and Write.

Write ‘T’ or ‘F’ for false statement.

  1. Aladdin lived with his father. – False
  2. The wizard was Aladdin’s uncle. – False
  3. The wizard was from China. – False
  4. Aladdin was lazy and did not work. – True
  5. The wizard bought Aladdin a watch. – False

B. 2. 2. Tick (✓) the most appropriate answer to each of the following questions.

Q1. Why did the wizard make a fire ?

(a) because it was cold.
(b) because he was tired.
(c) because he wanted to cast a spell.
(d) because he wanted to cook food.

Ans. (c) because he wanted to cast a spell.

Q2. What did the wizard want Aladdin to get from under the stone ?

(a) stone
(b) jewels
(c) a ring
(d) a lamp

Ans. (d) a lamp

B. 2. 3. Answer the following questions in not more than 50 words.

Q1. The wizard casts a spell twice in the story. What happens each time ?

Ans. The first time the wizard cast his spell, the ground shook violently, and there was a loud noise accompanied by smoke. Suddenly, a deep hole opened up in the ground. When the wizard cast his spell the second time, a massive stone fell, trapping Aladdin inside the hole under the ground.

Q2. Why did the wizard get angry with Aladdin ?

Ans. The wizard became angry with Aladdin because he was only interested in getting the lamp from the cave. When Aladdin emerged from the cave without handing over the lamp, the wizard grew furious as his wish of obtaining the lamp was not fulfilled. He had no intention of helping Aladdin but only wanted the lamp for himself.

Q3. How was Aladdin able to come out of the big hole?

Ans. When Aladdin found himself trapped in the dark hole, he was terrified. In his desperation, he rubbed the ring given by the wizard, causing a genie to appear. This genie then helped Aladdin escape from the deep hole where the wicked wizard had imprisoned him.

Q4. The wizard had told Aladdin that he was his uncle but this was not true. Why do you think the wizard lied to Aladdin and his mother?

Ans. The wizard lied to Aladdin and his mother about being Aladdin’s uncle because he wanted to gain their trust and get closer to them. His sole motive was to deceive them and use Aladdin to retrieve the wonderful lamp from the cave for his own selfish purposes.

C. Word Study

C. 1. Look at the following sentences:-

Suddenly the earth opened. Aladdin was outside in the sun again. He was happy and ran home quickly to his mother. The word ‘suddenly’ is made by adding ‘ly’ to the word ‘sudden’. The same happens in ‘quickly’ where ‘ly’ is added to ‘quick’, ‘ly’ is called a suffix as it is added at the end of a word.

Q1. Can you think of more words which are formed in such a way ?


  1. happily
  2. sadly
  3. quietly
  4. bravely
  5. secretly
  6. lordly
  7. knowingly
  8. cowardly
  9. manly
  10. openly
  11. safely
  12. genuinely
  13. constantly
  14. mainly.

C. 2. Look at the following sentences:-

Q1. Then they went for a long walk. They walked along a stony path. Here, ‘y’ has been added-to the noun ‘stone’ to make it an adjective ‘stony’ meaning full of stones. Can you think of more words where meaning changes similarly due to addition of y?


  1. greedy
  2. stormy
  3. needy
  4. nody
  5. moody
  6. bony
  7. crunchy
  8. creamy
  9. cony
  10. salty
  11. faulty
  12. homy
  13. dreamy
  14. hairy
  15. cloudy
  16. sunny.

D. Grammar

Using ‘Shall’ for promise

Look at the Following sentences :
I shall buy you some beautiful clothes.
Here ‘shall’ is used for making promise. Now rewrite the sentences given below, substituting ‘promise’ in the sentences. Also make other necessary changes in the sentence. The first one is done for you.

  1. He has promised to help me. = He shall help me.
  2. He promises to help me.
  3. She has promised to reconsider the matter.
  4. They have promised to invite the Chief Minister.
  5. The headmaster promises to improve sports facilities


  1. He shall help me.
  2. He shall be helping me.
  3. She shall reconsider the matter;
  4. They shall invite the Chief Minister.
  5. The headmaster shall be improving sports facilities.

F. Composition

Q1. Let us assume that the story of Aladdin has not ended vet .
Continue the story to your liking and give it a different end in about five sentences.

Ans. After escaping the cave, Aladdin realized the true power of the magical lamp and ring. He used the genie’s help to defeat the wicked wizard and reclaim the lamp. With the genie’s aid, Aladdin became wealthy and married the princess. However, he remained humble and used his newfound power to help the poor and bring prosperity to the kingdom. Aladdin’s adventure taught him the importance of kindness and using his abilities for the greater good.

Q2. If you were given a ring which could grant you any wish, what would you wish for ?

Ans. If I had a ring that could grant any wish, I would first wish for an end to poverty and hunger worldwide. My second wish would be for accessible education and healthcare for everyone, regardless of their background. Lastly, I would wish for lasting world peace, where all conflicts are resolved through dialogue and understanding. With these wishes granted, the world would become a more just, equitable, and harmonious place for all.

G. Translation

Translate into Hindi:-

Q1. Long, long ago in Arabia, there lived a boy whose name was Aladdin. He lived in a small house with his mother. They were very poor. But Aladdin was lazy. He did not work at all. Everyday he played in the street with other boys.

Ans. बहुत समय पहले, अरब देश में अलाद्दीन नामक एक लड़का रहता था। वह एक छोटे घर में अपनी माँ के साथ रहता था। वे बहुत गरीब थे। लेकिन अलाद्दीन बहुत आलसी था । वह बिल्कुल काम नहीं करता था। प्रतिदिन वह अन्य बच्चों के साथ सड़क पर खेलता रहता था।

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