Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 11 Solutions – A Kabaddi Match

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This chapter immerses students into the exhilarating world of kabaddi, a traditional Indian sport that celebrates skill, strategy, and unwavering determination. Through a gripping narrative, readers will witness an intense match between the teams of Rampur and Chainpur, where the spotlight falls on Raghu, a remarkable player from Chainpur. As the match unfolds, students will experience the thrill of the game, the intense struggle for victory, and the unwavering spirit that drives athletes to push beyond their limits.

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 11

Bihar Board Class 7 English Chapter 11 Solutions

Chapter11. A Kabaddi Match
BoardBihar Board

A. Warmer

Discuss these questions before you read the text

Question 1. Which is your favorite game?

Ans: My favorite game is Cricket. I enjoy it because it keeps my body healthy and active.

Question 2. Why do you like it?

Ans: I like football because it provides a lot of exercise and is easy for me to play.

Question 3. Name some important games of India.

Ans: Some important games in India are cricket, hockey, badminton, football, kabaddi, shooting, and long-distance running.

B. Let’s Comprehend

B. 1. Think and Tell

Answer the following questions orally:

Question 1. Who walked first into the Rampur territory ?

Ans: Raghu walked first into the Rampur territory,

Question 2. Who was Mangla ?

Ans: Mangla was the player of Rampur’s team.

Question 3. Who made Mangla out ?

Ans: Raghu made Mangla out.

Question 4. What did Raghu say when he moved into the Rampur’s territory.

Ans: Raghu said, Kabaddi! Kabbadi! Kabaddi!

B. 2. Think and Write.

B. 2. 1. Write’T’ for true statement and ‘F’ for false statements

  1. Raghu walked into Rampur territory saying – Badi …….. Badi …… Badi …. – False
  2. Mangla could not hold Raghu. – True
  3. Aslam was the player of the Rampur team. – True
  4. After an hour, all the players of the Chainpur team were out except Raghu. – True
  5. To say “Hardi Chuna” is the sign of defeat. – True
  6. Raghu did not touch the dividing line of the territory. – False
  7. The Chainp team won the match. – True

B. 2. 2. Answer the following questions in a phrase or in one sentence

Question 1. What was Raghu being forced to say ?

Ans: “Hardi Chuna”.

Question 2. Who took Raghu on their shoulders ?

Ans: The supporters”took Raghu on their shoulders.

Question 3. What was the demand of the Rampur supporters?

Ans: They demanded to Aslam to touch at least two players and make them out of the game.

B. 2. 3. Answer the following questions in not more than 50 words

Question 1. There is no need of any sports-item in Kabaddi. Do you agree? If yes, explain.

Ans: Yes, I agree that there is no need for any special sports equipment in Kabaddi. All you need are the players and a small playing area.

Question 2. How did Raghu become the most important player of the Chainpur team? What did the supporters of the Chainpur team do after the match?

Ans: Raghu became the most important player because he helped his team win the match. After the match, the excited Chainpur supporters lifted Raghu on their shoulders and praised him.

Question 3. Raghu was being forced to say “Hardi Chuna”. Why?

Ans: In Kabaddi, when a player says “Hardi Chuna,” it means they are accepting defeat. The Rampur players were forcing Raghu to say this to acknowledge that he had lost the match.

Question 4. Which game do you like the most? Give reasons.

Ans: My favorite game is football. I like it because it provides good exercise, is easy to play, and doesn’t require expensive equipment, so even poor teams can afford to play.

C. Word Study

C. 1. Correct the spelling of the following words

Question 1.
(tauch, teritory, incircle, cought, Fourty, Ninty, recive, supporter)

  1. tauch = touch
  2. teritory = territory
  3. incircle = encircle
  4. cought = caught
  5. fourty = forty
  6. ninty = ninety
  7. recive = receieve
  8. suppoter = supporter.

C. 2. Match the words in column ‘A’ with the words given in column ‘B’.

Question 1.


(i) cautiously(e) carefully
(ii) delight(d) high pleasure
(iii) accept(b) to agree to
(iv) duck(f) avoid
(v) capture(a) to seize
(vi) territory(c) area

D. Grammar

D. 1. Read the following sentences from the text

You should not get tempted.
You should play safely.
In both the sentences given above the ‘should’ has been used for suggestion.

‘Should’ is also used:

(a) to give warning and threat
eg: If you come late, you should be fined.

(b) in the sense of ‘offer’
eg: Should I carry your bag ?

(c) in the sense of moral obligation
eg: You should respect your elders.

Find out the sense in which ‘should’ has-been used in the following sentences and write them in the given space. One has been done for you.

You should speak the truth (suggestion)

  1. We should help the helpless, (moral obligation)
  2. You should be punished if you tell a lie. (warning)
  3. We should always walk along left side of the road. (Suggestion)
  4. Everyone should love his/her motherland. (moral obligation)
  5. One should not waste one’s time, (suggestion)
  6. You should not get ill tempered.(suggestion)

D. 2. Look at the following examples

(1) After an hour, all the players of the Chainpur team were out, except Raghu.
(2) He made a try but in vain.

In example (1) ‘an’ is used before hour which begins with a vowel sound.
In example (2) ‘a’ is used before try which begins with a consonant sound.

‘A’and’an’are used before singular countable noun.
Ex. a boy. a dog, an egg. an M.L.A., a uniform, an ant. ‘ ‘A’ is used before a consonant sound and ‘an’ is used before a vowel sound.

Now fill in the blanks with ’a’ or ‘an’:

  1. __A__ dog is _an____ animal.
  2. Gandhiji was a great man.
  3. Rekha is __a___ good girl.
  4. He is _an___ M.A.
  5. Mukul is _an____ N.C.C. Officer.
  6. Raghu is __an___ active player.
  7. Tom is ___a__ European.
  8. I reached there in _an____ hour.
  9. She is __a___ B.A.
  10. his is ___an__ one act play.

E. Let’s Talk

Question 1. Talk about any match you have watched.

Ans: I recently watched a cricket match between our school and Dayanand Public School, Manpur. Our team batted first and scored 135 runs. Although this seemed like a low total, our fast bowler Amit took 6 wickets for only 50 runs, and the opposing team could only manage 85 runs. We won the match, which was very exciting for our team and supporters.

F. Composition

Question 1. Describe a cricket match that you have watched.

Ans: I recently watched a cricket match between our school team and Dayanand Public School, Manpur. Our team batted first and scored 135 runs. Despite this low score, our fast bowler Amit took 6 wickets for just 50 runs, and the opposing team was bowled out for only 85 runs. We won the match, which was a great victory for our team.

G. Translate the following sentences into English

Question 1.

  1. रघु चैनपुर का तेज खिलाड़ी था।
  2. वह फुर्तीला और मजबूत था।
  3. असलम भी रामपुर का लोकप्रिय खिलाड़ी था।
  4. वह मेहनती था।
  5. विनय अपने मित्रों के साथ रोज कबड्डी खेलता है।
  6. खेल शरीर को मजबूत बनाता है।
  7. हमें नियमित खेलना और पढ़ना चाहिये।
  8. स्वास्थ्य ही धन है।
  9. स्वस्थ शरीर में स्वस्थ मस्तिष्क रहता है।


  1. Raghu was a bright piracy of Chainpur team.
  2. He was active and strong.
  3. Aslam was also a popular player of Rampur.
  4. He was laborious.
  5. Vinay plays Kabaddi daily with his friends.
  6. Games make the body strong.
  7. We should regularly play and read.
  8. Health is wealth.
  9. A healthy mind rests in a healthy body.
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