MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 9 Solutions – The Cobbler and the Fairies

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The drama “The Cobbler and the Fairies” revolves around a cobbler named Denu and his wife Dhania who are struggling financially. Mysteriously, new shoes are made for them overnight, leading them to discover that five fairies are helping them. In gratitude, Dhania sews clothes for the fairies, who joyfully accept them. The fairies continue to assist the couple, and Denu and Dhania live happily ever after, never forgetting the kindness of the fairies. The story highlights themes of generosity, kindness, and the belief in unseen forces helping those in need.

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 9

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 9

Chapter9. The Cobbler and the Fairies
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1 . Word Power

1). Make a list of five items made of leather.


  1. bags
  2. purses
  3. shoes
  4. belts
  5. jackets.

2). Write the opposites for the given ahead words.


  • happy – unhappy
  • kind – cruel
  • night – day
  • beautiful – ugly
  • bright – dim

3). Match the people with the work they do for you.


1. Dentist(c). looks after your teeth
2. Goldsmith(d). Makes ornaments of gold
3. cobbler(e). Makes and mends shoes
4. Barber(b). Cuts your hair
5. Carpenter(a). Makes tables and chair

4). Form smaller words from bigger words. One is done for you.


Leather: eat her.
Teacher: each, her.
Chair: hair, air.
Fairy: fair, air.
Carpet: car, pet.

5). Find the rhyming pairs and list them all.
fear, leather, bright, greedy, wife, sewn, hide, needy, find, shop, weather, night, dear, flop, wide, knife, kind, phone.


  1. fear – dear
  2. leather – weather
  3. bright – night
  4. sewn – phone
  5. hide – wide
  6. find – kind
  7. needy – greedy
  8. shop – flop
  9. knife – wife

2 . Comprehension Questions.

1). Say ‘true’ or ‘false’.

  1. Denu was a washerman. – False
  2. The fairies made the shoes. – True
  3. Dhania sewed clothes for the fairies. – True
  4. Denu made clothes for the fairies. – False
  5. Dhania said that God will help them. – True

2). Answer these questions.

Q1. Why was Denu worried?

Ans. Denu was worried because he found leather shoes instead of the ones he had made.

Q2. What did Denu find in his workshop next morning?

Ans. Denu found leather shoes instead of the ones he had made.

Q3. What did Dhania make for the fairies?

Ans. Dhania made nice clothes for the fairies.

Q4. How did Denu and Dhania find out who made the shoes?

Ans. Denu and Dhania found out who made the shoes when they saw the fairies wearing the clothes they had made.

Q5. What did the fairies do when they got new clothes?

Ans. The fairies put on the new clothes happily, sang, and danced all night.

3). Grammar in Use.


One – Many
leaf – leaves
shelf – shelves
knife – knives
half – halves
wolf – wolves
calf – calves.

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