MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 8 Solutions – The Elephant

MP Board class 6 general English chapter 8 solutions are available here. It is our free guide on chapter 8 – “The Elephant”. This guide helps you with problem solving and doubt clearing.

The poem “The Elephant” describes the majestic and powerful nature of an elephant. It portrays the elephant swaying along with a cargo of children, all singing a song. The elephant’s abilities are highlighted, such as uprooting an oak with its trunk and picking up a pin with precision. The poem questions what the elephant might be thinking with its wide ears and little eye. Overall, the poem captures the awe-inspiring presence and capabilities of the elephant in a whimsical and engaging manner.

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 8

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 8

Chapter8. The Elephant
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3 . Word power.

1). Complete the word puzzle using the picture clues.

2). Match the animals with their young ones:-


1. Cow(e). Calf
2. Sheep (f). Lamb
3. Hen(a). Chick
4. Horse(b). Foal
5. Duck(c). Duckling
6. Pig (d). Piglet

4 . Comprehension Questions.

Q1. How does the elephant come?

Ans. The elephant comes swaying along.

Q2. What is the cargo of the elephant?

Ans. The cargo of the elephant is children.

Q3. What can the elephant do with its trunk?

Ans. The elephant can wave its trunk and turn its chin to perform various actions.

Q4. What did the children do to the elephant?

Ans. The children crowned the elephant with may.

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