MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 6 Solutions – The Test

MP Board class 6 general English chapter 6 solutions are now available for free. This guide helps you to find accurate answers and clear doubts with chapter 6 – “The Test”.

In the story, Guru Dron challenges the Pandav and Kaurav princes to shoot a bird’s right eye to teach them focus and goal orientation. Yudhisthir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul, Sahadev, and Duryodhan participate in the test but fail due to lack of concentration.

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 6

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 6

Chapter6. The Test
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1 . Read and Learn

2. Word Power

Q1. Make sentences using these word:-

Ride – I know how to ride a bicycle.

tree – There is a big peepal tree in my garden.

arrow – He pointed an arrow towards his goal.

target – One should fix his eyes upon the target.

successful – Hard working men are always successful.

Q2. See the list of objects and match with the picture given.

Ans. students do this questions with yourselves.

3 . Reading Comprehension

Choose the correct answers from the given options:-

1 . Choose the correct answers from the given options:-

1) ……. is the eldest of Pandav Princes.

(a) Arjun
(b) Bhim
(c) Yudhisthir
(d) Nakul.

Ans. (c) Yudhisthir

2). …… is the Kaurav prince.

(a) Yudhisthir
(b) Duryodhan
(c) Dronacharya
(d) Sahadev.

Ans. (b) Duryodhan

3). ……. was “the targat” in the test.

(a) The bird
(b) The tree
(c) The bird’s right eye
(d) The fruit.

4). ……. shot “the target” finally.

(a) Bhim
(b) Duryodhan
(c) Yudhisthir
(d) Arjun

Ans. (d) Arjun

5). ……. is the teacher of Pandav and Kaurav Princes.

(a) Bhim
(b) Nakul
(c) Dronacharya
(d) Duryodhan.

Ans. (c) Dronacharya.

2 . Answer the following question.

Q1. Who taught the princes?

Ans. Dronacharya taught the princes.

Q2. Who was the eldest Pandav Prince?

Ans. Yudhisthir was the eldest Pandav Prince.

Q3. What different skills did Guru Dron teach the princes?

Ans. Guru Dron taught the princes how to use different arms, ride a horse, and fight the enemy well.

Q4. What was the test?

Ans. The test was to shoot a bird in the right eye while focusing on the target.

Q5. Why didn’t he allow the other princes to shoot?

Ans. He didn’t allow the other princes to shoot because they failed to concentrate on the target.

Q6. Why was he satisfied with Arjun’s answer?

Ans. He was satisfied with Arjun’s answer because Arjun focused only on the target, the bird’s right eye.

Q7. What do we need to do to be successful in life?

Ans. To be successful in life, one needs to keep their eyes focused only on the goal.

4. Grammar in use.

1). Fill in the blanks Changing nouns from singular to plural.

2). Match the correct forms.

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