MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 10 Solutions – A Kind Boy

Here we are presenting you with MP Board class 6 general English chapter 10 solutions. This is our free guide of chapter 10 – “A Kind Boy”. It helps you get accurate answers so that you can clear your doubts.

A kind boy gives his breakfast to a hungry beggar daily without his mother’s knowledge. The beggar does not show up for days, leading to the boy keeping the breakfast on his bookshelf. When the mother discovers the untouched breakfast, the boy explains his act of kindness. The boy’s compassionate gesture leads to him being later known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The document also includes language exercises, letter writing, grammar practice, and a creative activity related to freedom fighters.

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 10

MP Board Class 6 General English Chapter 10

Chapter10. A Kind Boy
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1 . Word power

1). Fill in the blanks with the following words:-
(hungry, give, eat, near, his, breakfast, he, was, said, came.)

Ans. A boy was sitting near the window. He was having his breakfast. A beggar came to the window and said, “I have been hungry for two days. Please give me something to eat.” The boy give his breakfast to the beggar. The beggar was very happy.

2 . Comprehension Questions

1). Read the following sentences and tick (✓) for true sentences and cross (✗) for false one.


  1. The boy was studying. (✓)
  2. The mother gave presents to the boy. (✗)
  3. The boy was very hungry. (✗)
  4. The beggar had not eaten for two days. (✓)
  5. The boy gave his breakfast to the beggar. (✓)
  6. The boy was later known as Sardar Bhagat Singh. (✗)

2). Answer the following questions:-

Q1. Where was the young boy sitting?

Ans. The young boy was sitting at his table near the window.

Q2. What was he doing near the window?

Ans. He was doing his homework.

Q3. Why did his mother call him?

Ans. His mother called him to have his breakfast.

Q4. What did the beggar say?

Ans. The beggar asked for something to eat as he had not eaten for two days.

Q5. What did the boy give to the beggar?

Ans. The boy gave his breakfast to the beggar.

Q6. Why did the boy give his breakfast to the beggar?

Ans. The boy felt sorry for the poor and hungry beggar and decided to help him.

Q7. What did his mother find on the bookshelf?

Ans. His mother found the boy’s breakfast packed in a corner on the bookshelf.

Q8. Why did the boy keep his breakfast on the bookshelf?

Ans. The boy kept his breakfast on the bookshelf for the beggar who did not show up.

3 . Grammar in Use.

Fill in the blanks using ‘is’, ‘are’, ‘was’, ‘were’ and answer these questions.


1). What day is it today?
Today is Saturday.

2). What day was it yesterday?
Yesterday it was Friday.

3). What month is this?
It’s April.

4). What month was the last month?
It was March.

5). Where are you now?
I am at home.

6). Where were you yesterday?
I was in Delhi.

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