UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 4 Solutions – Mr. Garbage and Mrs. Polythene

Get complete solutions of UP Board class 7 English chapter 4 here. This is our free guide that helps you clear all your doubts with chapter 4 – “Mr. Garbage and Mrs. Polythene”. It has covered all the questions of the exercises, and given their precise answers.

In this engaging chapter, students will meet two unique characters – Mr. Garbage and Mrs. Polythene. Through an insightful conversation between a young girl and these personified entities, the chapter aims to raise awareness about the impact of waste and plastic on our environment. Mr. Garbage, representing the discarded items we often carelessly discard, explains his composition and the potential benefits of proper waste management. On the other hand, Mrs. Polythene, symbolizing plastic waste, unveils the harmful effects of plastic on wildlife and the planet’s health.

UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 4

UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 4 Solutions

Chapter4. Mr. Garbage and Mrs. Polythene
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Comprehension Questions

Question 1. Answer the following questions:

Question A. List the items you throw in the dustbin as garbage.

Ans: Items like vegetable peels, broken objects, torn clothes, used paper, pencil shavings, and wrappers are commonly thrown into the dustbin as garbage.

Question B. What are the items generally thrown as garbage which can be reused or recycled?

Ans: Items such as unused papers, metal objects, toys, bags, and clothes can be reused or recycled instead of being thrown away as garbage.

Question C. How does garbage get mixed with soil and become useful for us?

Ans: When garbage is buried in a pit and covered with soil, it decomposes and mixes with the soil, forming useful manure for growing crops.

Question D. What happens to the animals when they swallow polythene bags?

Ans: When animals swallow polythene bags, they can choke and die.

Question E. How is polythene dangerous for us?

Ans: Polythene is dangerous because it does not decompose easily and remains in the soil, causing environmental pollution.

Question 2. Choose the correct option to complete the following sentences:

i. The garbage should be thrown ……….
a. in dustbins
b. here and there
c. in the classroom

ii. Garbage is made of …………
a. useful things
b. useless things
c. fresh things

iii. We should not use polythene because it ……….
a. is a useless thing
b. looks very pretty
c. cannot be destroyed

Word Power

Question 1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the box:

a. I tried to swallow the tablet with water.
b. Farmers add manure to the soil.
c. The potter moulded the clay into a pot.
d. A heap of newspapers is lying on the table.

Question 2. Some items are given in the box. Separate them into biodegradable (which get mixed with the soil) and non-biodegradable (which do not get mixed with the soil) items.


Biodegradable itemsNon-biodegradable items

Question 3. Match the masculine gender given in column ‘A’ with its feminine gender given in column ‘B’:



Language Practice

Question 1. Make questions beginning with ‘how’, using the following table:

— How wide is the road?
— How wide is the river?
— How long is the road?
— How long is the river?
—How far is your home from the school?
— How far is the temple from here?
— How tall is Anu?
— How old is Anu?
— How tall are you?
— How old are you?
— How tall are they?
— How old are they?

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