UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 1 Solutions – Thank You God

UP Board Class 7 English chapter 1 solutions are given on this page. By using our solutions, you will have access to the complete question answer of chapter 1 – “Thank You God”.

In this chapter titled “Thank You God,” students will read a poem expressing gratitude to God for all the wonderful things in nature and life. The poem thanks God for the big and small creatures on earth, the beautiful sky, sun, and moon. It asks for God’s blessings of love, kindness, courage, peace, and harmony.

UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 1

UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 1 Solutions

Chapter1. Thank You God
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Comprehension Questions

Question 1. Answer the following questions:

a. What are the things for which we should thank God?

Ans. We should thank God for the precious gifts of nature that sustain us and the people who care for us.

b. What are we asking God to give us?

Ans. We are asking God to bless us with love, kindness, and courage every day.

c. What does ‘live in peace and harmony’ mean?

Ans. To live in peace and harmony means to avoid conflicts and cooperate with others.

d. Why does the poet want strength?

Ans. The poet seeks inner strength from God to serve Him steadfastly.

e. What does the word ‘Almighty’ mean in the poem?

Ans. ‘Almighty’ refers to God’s supreme, infinite power over all creation.

Question 2. Complete the given stanza from the poem:


  1. For all the things around us, big and small,
  2. For all the creatures on this earth, short and tall,
  3. For the lovely blue sky, the sun, the moon and all,
  4. Almighty God! We thank you and to you we call.

Word Power

Question 1. Fill in the letters to form meaningful words given in the poem:


a. harmony
b. kindness
c. peace
d. creature
e. courage
f. almighty

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