UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 9 Solutions – The Rainbow Fairies

If you were searching for the solutions of UP Board class 6 English chapter 9, then you come to the right place. On this page, we have presented you with the simplified question answers of chapter 9 – “The Rainbow Fairies”.

In this delightful poem by L.M. Hadley, students will be transported to a whimsical summer day where two little clouds bump into each other, causing them to cry. The kind Father Sun then summons his rainbow fairies, each adorned in a different vibrant color of the spectrum, to dry the clouds’ tears with their colorful gowns. The vivid imagery and playful language bring to life this fanciful tale, inviting young readers to explore the magic of imagination and the beauty found in nature’s simple wonders.

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 9

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 9

Chapter9. The Rainbow Fairies
AuthorL.M. Hadley
BoardUP Board

Comprehension Questions.

Q1. Answer the following questions:-

Q a. Who went flying through the sky?

Ans. Two little clouds went on flying through the sky.

Q b. Who began to cry and why?’

Ans. The clouds began to cry because they bumped their heads.

Q c. Whom did father Sun send to dry the falling tears?

Ans. Father Sun sent little fairies to dry the falling tears.

Q d. What were the colours of the fairiesgowns?

Ans. The colours of their gowns wereviolet, indirgo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Q e. What did the fairies do?

Ans. The fairies wiped the clouds’ tears all away and hung their gowns to dry upon a line made by the sunbeams.

Word Power

Q1. Pick the rhyming words from this box and pair them in the space below. The first one has been done for you :-
try, sky, tear, say, bumped


a. cry – sky
b. jumped – bumped
c. dear – tear
d. dry – try
e. day – say

Q2. Let’s ask each other :-

Q a. Have you ever seen a rainbow?

Ans. Yes

Q b. How many colours are there in a rainbow?

Ans. Seven colours

Q c. When do you see a rainbow?

Ans. A rainbow is seen right after the rainfall.

Q d. What other things do you see in the sky?

Ans. Moon, stars, Sun

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