UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 7 Solutions – The Honest Woodcutter

UP Board class 6 English chapter 7 solutions covers all the question answers of the chapter. Using our guide, you can enhance your understanding with chapter 7 – “The Honest Woodcutter” for free.

This ancient tale follows the journey of an honest woodcutter who accidentally drops his iron axe into a river. Distraught over losing his livelihood, the woodcutter’s cries summon the River Goddess herself. In a test of his integrity, she emerges with a golden axe, and then a silver one, but the woodcutter dutifully denies ownership each time. Impressed by his honesty when he correctly identifies his original iron axe, the benevolent Goddess rewards the woodcutter’s virtue by gifting him all three axes, reinforcing the timeless moral that honesty, even in difficult times, is the noblest policy.

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 7

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 7

Chapter7. Learning Together
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Comprehension Questions.

Q1. Answer the following questions :-

Q a. What was the woodcutter doing?

Ans. The woodcutter was chopping wood with his axe on a hot summer day.

Q b. How did his axe fall into the river?

Ans. While drinking water from the river, the woodcutter accidentally dropped his axe into the water.

Q c. Why did the woodcutter stat crying?

Ans. The woodcutter started crying because he was worried about how he would earn a living for his family without the axe.

Q d. Who came out of the water?

Ans. The River Goddess came out of water.

Q e. Why was the River Goddess pleased?

Ans. The River Goddess was pleased to see the honesty of the woodcutter.

Q f. How did the River Goddess reward the woodcutter?

Ans. The River Goddess rewarded the woodcutter for his honesty by giving him all three axes – the original, a silver one, and a golden one.

Q g. Honesty is the best policy. Discuss.

Ans. Honesty is a highly valued virtue. Being truthful and sincere ensures that we are rewarded in some way, either in this life or the next. Hence, honesty truly is the best policy to follow.

Q h. The woodcutter’s axe was made of ——————————-

Ans. iron (TM) (✓)

Q i. ————————-came out of the river.

Ans. River Goddess (✓)

Word Power.

Q1. Write the opposites of the following words:-


a. dishonest – honest
b. come – go
c. cold – hot
d. laugh – cry
e. punish – reward
f. sad – happy

Language Practice.


Material noun is the name of a substance with which things are made.
Example – cotton, plastic, milk, cement, silver
Choose the material noun from the box and fill in the blanks :-
plastic, glass, wood,, gold marble, leather


a. The chair is made of wood.
b. The ring is made of gold.
c. The red bucket is made of plastic.
d. The Taj Mahal is made of marble .
e.The jacket is made of leather.
f. The window is made of glass.

Q2. Answer the following questions in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. One is done for you :-


a. Do you love to play outdoor games?
Yes, I love to play outdoor games.
b. Is Aruna a good dancer?
No, Aruna is not a good dancer.
c. Are the children going to watch a movie?
Yes, the children are going to watch a movie.
d. Were the boys playing football yesterday?
No, the boys were not playing football yesterday.

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