UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 4 Solutions – The Donkey and The Dog

Prepared by the subject experts, UP Board class 6 English chapter 4 solutions are given here. It is our free guide that provides you with the question and answer of chapter 4 – “The Donkey and The Dog”.

In this chapter, we meet a washerman who owns a donkey and a dog. While the hard working donkey carries the load of clothes to the river each morning, the pampered dog enjoys staying inside the master’s house. One evening, jealous of the dog’s affectionate treatment, the donkey decides to mimic the dog’s behavior in hopes of being allowed inside too. However, his well-meaning master gently explains that despite loving them equally, the donkey’s larger size and weight make him unsuitable for indoor living, teaching an important lesson about recognizing and accepting one’s unique nature.

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 4

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 4

Chapter4. The Donkey and The Dog
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Comprehension Questions

Q1. Answer the following questions:-

Q a. What did the donkey use to carry?

Ans. The donkey used to carry the load of clothes.

Q b. Why could the washerman not lift the donkey? .

Ans. The donkey was too big and too heavy to be lifted by the washerman.

Q c. How did the washerman show his love for the dog?

Ans. The master used to lift the dog in his arms and take him inside the house.

Q d. Why did the donkey want to live in the house?

Ans. The donkey was envious of the dog living comfortably inside the master’s house and desired the same luxury.

Q e. What did the washerman tell the donkey?

Ans. The washerman explained to the donkey that due to its large size and heavy weight, it could not be brought inside the house, but he loved both the donkey and the dog equally.

Q f. Why should we not copy others?

Ans. We should not copy others because each person is unique and special in their own way. It is important to be true to ourselves and embrace our individuality.

Q2. Match the followings to form correct sentences :-


a. The donkeycarried the load of clothes
b. The masterlifted the dog in his arms.
c. The dogstayed inside the house.
d. The master told the donkeythat he was much bigger

Word Power

Q1. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word from the box:-
different, shed, lick, patted


a. Atul’s grandfather patted him for his bravery.
b. Lick your icecream before it melts.
c. The balloon seller was selling balloons of different colours.
d. People keep their cattle in shed.

Q2. Fill in the vowels in the given puzzle to complete the words :-

Language Practice

Q1. Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions from the list given below:-
among, from, above, on, over, into


a. The aeroplane is flying over the clouds.
b. Roli distributed sweets among her friends.
c. The man jumped into the river.
d. I got a gift from my friend.
e. Keep the notebooks on the table.
f. His flat was above the shop.

Q2. Make sentences using ‘used to’:-


  1. Tused to drink coffee.
  2. Reena used to live in a flat
  3. He used to play tennis.
  4. We used to exercise daily.
  5. Abdul and Agam used to work in a factory.
  6. They used to go to mosque everyday.
  7. She used to exercise daily.
  8. Her uncle used to live in a flat.
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