UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 11 Solutions – Kabaddi

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This chapter introduces students to the exciting sport of kabaddi, showcasing its popularity in Indian villages through a lively match taking place in Jagatpur. As Meena, a city visitor, witnesses the event alongside her cousin Ravi, she learns about the game’s basic rules and gameplay.

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 11

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 11

Chapter11. Kabaddi
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Comprehension Questions.

Q1. Answer the following questions :-

Q a. Which game was being played in Jagatpur village?

Ans. A kabaddi match was being played in Jagatpur village.

Q b. How many players are there in each team of kabaddi?

Ans. There are seven players in each team of kabaddi,

Q c. Do you prefer being a raider or a defender. Why?

Ans. I prefer being a raider because it allows me to be more aggressive and actively chase opponents, which I find exciting and challenging.

Q d. Is it essential for a raider to chant ‘Kabaddi’, ‘Kabaddi’, ‘Kabaddi’,…….?

Ans. Yes, it is essential for a raider to continuously chant ‘Kabaddi’ while holding their breath, as this verbal chant is a fundamental rule of the game and failing to do so can result in being declared out.

Q e. What is the duration of a Kabaddi match?

Ans. A kabaddi match is played for 40 minutes with a break of five minutes between two halves.

Q2. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:-


a. A kabaddi match is held in Shantipur village every Saturday. – (F)
b. Manik kaka is the principal of the village. – (F)
c. There are eleven players in each team. – (F)
d. Meena lives in the city. – (T)
e. The kabaddi match was played between Jagatpur and Jasra village. – (T)

Word Power

Q1. Fill in the blanks with the words given in the balls:-


a. He gathered his toys together.
b. Virat Kohli is my favourite cricketer.
c. I am too weak to compete with you.
d. The crowd cheered when he caught the ball.
e. Good team spirit is must to win the match.

Language Practice

Q1. Divide each of the following sentences into subject and predicate :-

Subjects Predicts
a. The earth moves around the sunThe earthmoves around the sun.
b. The sheep are grazing in the fieldThe sheepare grazing in the field.
c. Breakfast is the first meal of the day.Breakfastis the first meal of the day.
d. The elephant has a long trunk.The elephanthas a long trunk.
e. The boys are playing in the playground.The boysare playing in the playground.
f. The monkey jumped upon the man.The monkeyjumped upon the man.
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