UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 10 Solutions – The Story of A Bicycle

Free solutions of UP Board class 6 English chapter 10 are given for free here. Our subject experts have given the simplified and accurate answers for all the questions of chapter 10 – “The Story of A Bicycle”.

In this chapter, students will explore the fascinating history and evolution of the bicycle, a ubiquitous mode of transportation that has remained popular in India for generations. They will learn about the origins of the bicycle, tracing its development from the early wooden “hobby horse” designs to the groundbreaking innovations that led to the modern bicycle we know today.

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 10

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 10

Chapter10. The Story of A Bicycle
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Comprehension Questions

Q1. Answer the following questions :-

Q a. When was the first bicycle built?

Ans. The first bicycle was built in 1816.

Q b. Who improved the ‘Hobby Horse’?

Ans. A Scotsman named Macmillan improved the ‘Hobby Horse’.

Q c. Why was the bicycle called the ‘boneshaker’?

Ans. The early bicycles were nicknamed ‘boneshakers’ because they had wooden wheels and an iron frame, making for an extremely bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

Q d. When was the modern bicycle built and by whom?

Ans. The modern bicycle was built in 1879 by an American Harry Lawson.

Q e. How can you say that bicycle is eco-friendly?

Ans. Bicycles are eco-friendly because they do not release any harmful emissions or pollutants into the environment, making them a sustainable and green mode of transportation.

Word Power

Q1. Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box :-
popular, bicycle, educated, companion, eco-friendly,environment


a. Trees help in keeping our environment clean.
b. Books are our good companion.
c. Educated people can bring change in society.
d. Riding bicycle is a very good exercise.
e. Sachin Tendulkar is a very popular cricketer.
f. Use of cloth bags is eco-friendly.

Language Practice

Frame questions using the table given below :-


  1. Whose book is this?
  2. Whose shirt is this?
  3. Whose bicycle is that?
  4. Whose books are these?
  5. Whose shirts are these?
  6. Whose bicycles are those?
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