UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 1 Solutions – Learning Together

UP Board class 6 English chapter 1 solutions are presented for free here. It provides you with the comprehensive question answer from the chapter 1 – “Learning Together” of the English Rainbow book.

The poem “Learning Together” captures the excitement and joy of being in 6th grade. It highlights how the students form a great team, working hard together on subjects like math, reading, writing, history, geography, and science.

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 1

UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 1

Chapter1. Learning Together
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Comprehension Questions

Q1. Answer the following questions:-

Q a. How do you make your teachers beam?

Ans. We can make our teachers beam by paying attention in class, following their instructions, and completing our assignments on time. Their smiles show they appreciate our efforts.

Q b. What new things do you learn everyday?

Ans. Every day, we gain new knowledge in various subjects like science, math, and language. We also learn new skills in activities like music, art, and sports.

Q c. Name the subjects you study in your class.

Ans. We study history, geography, civics, science, english, hindi, and mathematics.

Q d. How do you enjoy with your friends in school?

Ans. We enjoy spending time with our friends by studying together, playing games during recess, and sharing snacks. We also have fun conversations about our interests during free periods.

Q2. Match column ‘A’ with column ‘B’ to complete the lines of the poem:-


See the big smileOn my face
We work hardEach busy day
Nine times nineIs eighty-one
Books to readPoems to say
Reading, writingSpelling too

Word Power.

Q1. Make a list of rhyming words from the poem. One has been done for you:-
place – face

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